Journal Access via the James White Library (
To access the IOP Journals
  • On the homepage select "Articles/Databases"
  • Select "Periodicals A to Z"
  • Select "IOPscience platform"
  • Sign in with your Andrews credentials
The Institute of Physics publishes over 60 journals including the "Journal of Physics" series.

To access the Web of Science database:
  • On the homepage select "Articles/Databases"
  • Under "Quick Links" select "Web of Science Citation Index"
  • Sign in with your Andrews credentials
While the Web of Science database does not give you access to actual journal articles what is does do is enable you to do literature searches and read the abstracts of papers you might be interested in acquiring.

arXiv is an archive for preprints of papers in the fields of math, physics, astronomy, computer science. etc... These preprints of very similar if not nearly identical to the final published paper. This is an extremely useful free resource for people in the science fields, especially math and physics.

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Current Events

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  • Living LIGO - Amber Stuver (LIGO, Being a Scientist)
  • bit-player - Brian Hayes (Computing, Mathematics)